International Freight Services:
  • Sea: containers, bulky..
  • Consolidation &  Deconsolid..
  • Combine freight-transport..
  • Truck: containers, tilt trucks
  • Air: international air cargo
  • Inland-freight, cross..
  • Ship agency, Airlines agency..
  • Buyer agency, Buyer Rep
  • Buyer consolidator services
Goods Transporter & Logistics is a unique independent Freight Forwarder & Logistics provider based in Cambodia. We are a serious biz people. A kind of biz made through a value friendship, Partnership and Personalities. We value friendship more than biz as only friendship can make biz last longer and in the win-win situation, Sincerity, Honesty and Pardon with deep understandable.

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Trading, Merchandising, Import, Export, Trade Agent, General Sale Agent, Dealer, Distributor

Supply & Export from Cambodia

  • Agriculture products
  • Corn, rice, bean, lotus seed Etc..
  • Furniture, sculptures, arts, souvenirs products Etc..